Visit the Orillia Chamber of Commerce Website for exciting, ongoing events in Orillia.

Visit the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre Website for further information on turtles.

Share the road with Turtles: Turtle season May to September

Help turtles cross the street

Always be sure of your own safety before stopping to help a turtle on the road. Gently move the turtle in the direction she is going. Do not handle the turtle any more than is necessary. Once you have moved it across the road retreat a respectful distance if you wish to continue observing it.

Most turtles can be picked up carefully with two hands. But careful helping a snapping turtle across the road – keep a safe distance from their head as they will snap at you if they feel threatened.

How to handle a snapping turtle:

  • An uninjured snapper can be coaxed across the road using a shovel or a board, or by allowing it to bite a long stick and pulling it across the road.
  • If you must pick up a snapper by hand, do so by sliding fingers behind the turtle’s hind legs, with the tail between your hands and gripping the shell between your fingers and thumbs. You may also slide one hand under the turtle’s belly to grab a hold of the plastron (the belly shell). Snappers are very strong and will squirm and thrash their hind legs making it difficult to hold on.
  • A Snapper can reach it’s midpoint so do not pick it up near its middle.
  • Never pick up a turtle by the tail; you may damage its spine.


Excellent fishing includes pike, bass, crappie, perch, pickerel and muskie.   Fish right off the dock, or bring your own boat and use the Dalrymple Launch at Osprey Lane, located nearby at the Narrows on Kirkfield Rd.

Fishing licenses can be purchased at resorts, bait and tackle shops, gas stations, Canadian Tire and variety stores in the area.  For facts about fishing licenses and limits in Zone 17 view, 2013 Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary FMZ 17    or visit the website

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, and Sunfish are open all year to fish


Walleye.   Bait:  Plastic Worms, AC Shiner, Wally Diver .   Season is 2nd Saturday in May to November 15th



Bait:  Blue Fox, Suick, Thriller, Swim Whizz

Muskie Season 1st Sat in June to December 15th

Smallmouth Bass.   Bait:  Plastic Worms, Mister Twister, Vibrax Bass season 3rd Saturday in June to December 15th

Largemouth Bass.  Bait:  Plastic Worm, Weedwalker, Mr Twister

REMEMBER:  It is illegal to destroy, or allowed to spoil, fish which has been caught and which are suitable for food.  visit


Family Fishing Weekend - February 16 to 18, 2013

License-free fishing days

Lake Dalrymple is noted for its great Ice Fishing

 31st Annual Orillia Perch Festival - April  to May , 2013

Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching

To register visit

One of Canada's largest registered Fishing Derbies!  Over 60 tagged perch worth $500.00, thousands of dollars in daily, weekly, and Grand Prize draws!!

Carden Nature Festival
May 31 to 2,  2013

The festival is an exceptional opportunity for naturalists and others with a budding interest in nature to learn more about the unique limestone plain known as the Carden Alvar.  Please view the websites above for details on all the fabulous events planned, including Birding Field Trips, botany, stargazing, learning about the night inhabitants and the Birds of Prey show.  This is a wonderful outing for the whole family.
The entrance is located on Lake Dalrymple Road just off Kirkfield Road

 Orillia Spring Blues Festival

  June 7th to 9th, 2013

Exciting live blues at various restaurants, pubs and outdoor main stage. Downtown Orillia and Couchiching Beach Park.  Check the website for ticket information.

Mariposa Folk Festival

 July 5 to 7, 2013

Tudhope Park - Orillia


Mariposa is renowned for its wide range of folk/root artists, with 100+ performances of every kind on its nine stages.  There is also an entire community of artisans displaying and selling their beautiful and unique hand-crafted works including jewellery, musical instruments, soaps, paintings, apparel, pottery, glass, carving, weaving, candles and more. Mariposa hosts a wide variety of food vendors and a fabulous Pub Tent to keep you nourished and energized to keep up with the musical cornucopia.  And....there is always a surprise musical guess you won't want to miss.

Family Fishing Weekend - July 6 to 14, 2013

License-free fishing days

A Row Boat is included with your Cottage rental


Swim in your own private lakefront playground.  The shoreline is rocky with a hardpan bottom.  Enjoy sunbathing on the dock.

Nearby beaches:

Foxe's Beach is sandy and shallow, ideal for small children.  Just two minutes north on Lake Dalrymple Road.

Carden Township Beach.  Just one minute south down Lake Dalrymple Road, across from the Carden Township Recreation building, is also sandy.

Hiking & Birding - Entrance to the Carden Alvar is pictured above

The Carden Plains and Alvar is located a two minute drive south on Lake Dalrymple Road. Enjoy hiking trails and birdwatching.   It offers globally rare alvar habitat supporting an abundance of grassland birds, including the endangered Loggerhead Shrike, Blue Birds, Eastern Towhees, and Brown Thrashers.  Indian Plant Bush, Prairie Smoke, Tufted Hairgrass, Northern Dropseed, Little Bluestem, False Pennyroyal, Balsam Ragwort, Fragrant Sumac and Shrubby Cinquefoil are typical alvar plants.  Take a picnic lunch, and enjoy a day in the woods.

Many more trails can be found in the Orillia area by visiting

Poison Ivy is common along roadsides, learn its three distinctive leaflets and avoid it.

Golfing in Kawartha Lakes

One of the nearest courses is the Western Trent Golf Club, located at 156 Bolsover Rd, Bolsover, 705-426-9940

To view the Kawartha Lakes Golf Directory visit

Orillia Beatles Celebration

Downtown Orillia - September 20 and 21, 2013

Rare Beatles Banner For Sale - $400.00

Annual Orillia Jazz Festival
October TBA - Admission is free

A weekend of fabulous live jazz at Orillia and area restaurants and hotels   

Orillia Santa Claus Parade November 24, 2013

1pm - Downtown Orillia - Mississaga Street

One of the largest Christmas parades North of Toronto! Over 100 floats, bands & Santa himself celebrate Christmas Wishes! 1:00 pm, Downtown Orillia, 326-4424 or 1-888-326-4424 (Centennial Drive to Front to Colborne to Volunteer Drive to Mississaga to Centennial



The Groomer Shed Trail is located two minutes away on Lake Dalrymple Road near Kirkfield Rd.  For trail conditions and locations, visit Mid Ontario Snowmobile Trails at

Click on 'Trail Conditions' and then 'Interactive Trail Guide'

 Casino Rama 

Located just 20 minutes away, take in all the shows and entertainment the Casino has to offer.

Sky Watching - every clear evening offers a breathtaking view

For complete celestial events visit

January, 2013 - Quadrantid Meteor Showers peak on January 3rd.

April, 2013 - Lyrid Metero Shower peaks on April 21st.

April, 2014 - Total Lunar Eclipse April 15th.

May, 2013 - Aquarids Meteor Shower peaks on May 6th.

October, 2014 - Partial Solar Eclipse October 23rd.

August, 2013 - Perseid Meteor Shower peak on August 13th.

November, 2013 - Leonids Meteor Shower morning of November 17th.

December, 2013 - Geminid Meteor Showers Dec 13th to 14th mid-evening till dawn.