Enjoy a walk on the lake, or do some Ice Fishing.

An Ice Hut is available for rent.   

A fresh blanket of snow

Winter is a beautiful time of year to rent the cottage.  The ice sparkles on bright sunny days, and moonlit nights are perfect for a walk on the lake.  Even snowfalls are magical, dusting the trees in downy blankets.

Ice Fishing, Cross Country Skiing, Leisurely Walks, and Building Snowmen, are some activities that will keep you busy at the holiday cottage.

Cottage country conditions can be quite different from the city, so please read the following before you book your vacation rental:

  • All roads leading to the cottage are plowed regularly.  However, after heavy snowfalls or a winter storm, it may take several hours, or perhaps even days before the road will be plowed out (depending on the severity of the storm)
  • When the plow does pass by, they will leave a pile of snow blocking the driveway, which you will have to shovel to get out
  • Roads will be snow covered, and in many cases icy, so extreme caution is advised.  Winter tires are essential
  • Keep the following in your car during your trip to cottage country:  a snow shovel; blankets; cell phone and flashlight.  Do not travel without adequate winter clothing - boots, headgear, coat and gloves are essential
  • Hydro outages may occur during a winter storm, and may last from a few hours to days.  The propane heating system will work during a power outage, so you will remain cozy and warm.  Be prepared to use candles for lighting and the BBQ for cooking.  A supply of water will be delivered to you as soon as possible.
  • When leaving the cottage at the end of your stay, ensure the thermostat setting is set at 20F degrees.  Not following this guideline could result in burst pipes and consequent charges against your damage deposit.
  • Conditions in the country can be vastly different from those experienced in the city, even just a couple of hours north.  Please check weather conditions for Sebright before you travel to the country.  If there is severe weather, and access to the cottage might be restricted, we will let you know as soon as we receive any information that would be helpful to you
  • We do not issue refunds for vacations foreshortened by adverse weather conditions.  This is outside our control

 Located close to Toronto, just a 90 minute drive, and 20 minutes from Casino Rama, the cottage is available by the week or weekends, and is located in beautiful cottage country in Kawartha Lakes.  We are open year round and our rates are reasonable.   Enjoy Lake Dalrymple ice fishing, and perhaps a Christmas Vacation. 


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